Building Design

Buildings are an essential part of any service that mankind has required till date. It might be residential / commercial / production based / educational.

Green Building Design

It's the way of breathing life into your building to shift its dimension from being a conventional building to be an environment friendly building.

Project Management

Project Management envelops planning, organizing, motivating, and regulating resources and procedures to achieve desired goals using scientific methodology.

Education Process Management

To build a successful path towards the future of our society we need not only a well versed and technically strong education system but also an enriched culture of our ancients is much needed.

Teacher's Training Program

In today’s world, there is a rapidly social and economic growth. The key to the future lies in the hands of today’s students who will guide the nation tomorrow and decide its future.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is the foundation of any system. Management of human resource becomes the backbone of a strong organization.

About us

DCHILD is acronym for D(The) Children’s Holistic Integrated Learning and Development and is one stop solution for all learning and development needs of children. Starting from classes, activities and workshops, we provide summer camps and outing programs for children. We design and execute After School Programs as various packages in order to promote the concept of Integrated Education and provide children with skills and knowledge that helps them to translate acquired knowledge into true wisdom. Thus we can give each child the liberty to choose and learn the subjects or activities where in its interest meets talent, combining Extra Curricular Activities, Co-Curricular Activities, Personal Development Programs, Hobby Ideas, Voluntary Work for Community, and Help and support for Academic Excellence. We understand that parents wish to give their children nothing but the best and DCHILD is the solution to help them find the best.

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